LTPEP has a long history in the area of multimedia, as it can be seen from the following two example activities:

During 1997-1999, TPL was responsible (1/3) for the running of a €1.000.000 project, aiming to the development of a new, modern Curriculum of Studies in Chemical Engineering in Greece. Among others, the possibility of Multimedia as a Teaching Aid through the internet was tested. As an example, the course in Unit Operations was created and still is available (in greek) in the internet for the third-year Chemical Engineering students.

During 1999-2000, TPL was in charge of a €250.000 INTERREG II project titled "Production of Educational Material with the aid of Multimedia for Novel Technologies in the Areas of Environmental, Energy Saving and Safety Management Systems". Its prime aim was to develop 3 CD-ROMS in 4 languages (in Greek, English, Bulgarian and Albanian language) in the fields of a) Environmental Management Systems, b) Energy Conservation Systems and c) Risk Assessment in Industrial Units. Their purpose was to be be employed as a teaching aid of the relative sublects.

During 2005-2006, TPL was in charge of a €120.000 INTERREG IIIa project titled "Cross-border Network for the Transfer of Know-how in the Areas of Pollution at Source and Risk Assessment of Industrial Plants" between Greece and Bulgaria. A user-friendly CD-ROM was part of the deliverables.

TPL has designed and created many multimedia packages for the education of pupils, students, army personel and unemployed professionals. Has also created a numerous number of web sites or educational web quizes.

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