2007 7th: Istanbhul
7th IATP Meeting
Istanbul, 30 June 2007

Program in .pdf format


The Chairman, Prof. W.A. Wakeham, welcomed all present, thanked Dr Y. Kemal for the arrangements made as the local organiser of the meeting and then opened the meeting.
The meeting was divided into the usual scientific session and a business session. The proceedings are recorded here in that order. A list of attendees is at the end.


2.1. Diisodecyl Phthalate: An Industrial Standard over a Wide Temperature Range
A. Leipertz and A. Froeba (Germany)
A very thorough investigation of the effect of water content on the measurement of the viscosity of DIDP was presented. It was concluded that DIDP is suitable as a viscosity reference fluid provided heating over 333 K is avoided. Measurements of the viscosity, between 273 and 323 K on a carefully prepared sample, showed an uncertainty of 1.4%.

2.2. Recent Developments in Dynamic Light Scattering on Ferrofluids
S. Will, J. Patzke and B. Rathke (Germany)
Observed changes in the viscosity of a 10 nm-diameter ferro-particles suspension in water in the presence of oleic acid surfactant, according to a magnetic field were discussed. Although very interesting, quantitative evaluation still poses some experimental and theoretical challenges.

2.3. On the Application of the Transient Hot-Wire Technique to the Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Solids
M.J. Assael, K. Antoniades (Greece)
A novel application of the transient hot-wire technique to the measurement of the thermal conductivity of solids was presented. The measurements backed by a full theory and understanding, were performed with an absolute uncertainty of about 1%. Final modifications of the sensor were discussed in order to extend in future the range of measurements to higher temperatures.

2.4. Development of a Dual Sinker Archimedean Densitometer for High Temperatures
Yuzuru Sato (Japan)
A new densimeter, using two-sinkers of same shaft diameter and based on the Archemedes principle, was presented. The advantage of the two sinkers of same shaft diameter, is that eliminates surface tension effects on the shaft. Furthermore, by placing it in a closed apparatus, it allows continuous measurements. Small problems still existing in the measurement of the density of molten salts were also discussed.

The following presentations
- Viscosity of S2O and DIDP, A.R.H. Goodwin (UK), K.N. Marsh, M. Kandil (New Zealand), K. Harris (Australia)
- Viscosity of DIDP, A. Goodwin, M. E. Kandil (USA) and K. N. Marsh (New Zealand)
- Viscosity of 1-Hexyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis(trifluoro methylsulfonyl)imide, C.A. Nieto de Castro, A.P. Ribeiro and F.J.V. Santos (Portugal)
- The Thermal Conductivity of Humid Air. Experimental Difficulties, C.A. Nieto de Castro, A.P. Ribeiro, S.G. Beir?o, M.J.V. Loureno and F.J.V. Santos (Portugal)
did not take place.


3.1. Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water & Steam
M.J. Assael (Greece), E. Vogel, J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA)
Prof. M.J. Assael informed IATP that the viscosity correlation has been concluded and work is carried out now
on the thermal conductivity correlation. The project will continue and progress report will be presented next year.

3.2. Investigation of a New High-Viscosity Standard
J.M.N.A. Fareleira, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal), M.J. Assael (Greece), A. Leipertz, H. Bauer (Germany),
A. Nagashima (Japan)
Dr A. Froeba informed IATP that Merck will stop the supply of DIDP, as BASF stopped producing it. However
if a paper proposing it as a new high-viscosity reference fluid was to appear, Merck would consider again
supplying it. It was hence decided that a paper proposing DIDP as a high-viscosity standard will be prepared
and circulated to members BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2007. Project is concluded.

3.3. On the Book on The Properties of Water, Air and Sea Water
A. Nagashima (Japan), M.J. Assael (Greece), J. Millat (Germany).
Prof. A. Nagashima and Prof. M.J. Assael, believe that there still is a need for such a book and
proposed to conclude it very soon. Prof. A. Nagashima will try to contact a publisher otherwise if no
publisher is found, it could be an e-book on the IATP web site.

3.4. Feasibility study on Properties of Ionic Fluids
K. Marsh (New Zealand), A. Padua (France), J. Fareleira (Portugal)
No progress report, as none of the investigators was present.

3.6. Preliminary Investigation for Recommended values for Viscosity and Density of Molten Metals.
M.J. Assael (Greece), Y.Sato (Japan)
There was little progress to report because although new measurements have been conducted
in Japan It has not been possible to begin a systematic and critical evaluation of data for Cu and Zn.
If there is no progress before the next meeting the project should be discontinued.

3.7. Diffusion coefficients on Liquid Systems
J. Winkelmann (Germany)
No progress report, as none of the investigators was present.

No changes.


5.1. IATP Meeting in 2008
The 2007 meeting of IATP will take place in Pau before or after the 17th European Thermophysical Properties Conference (30 Sept – 4 Aug. 2008). Further information will be circulated in due course.


List of People that attended the meeting
1) Professor William A. Wakeham, (UK) – Chairman
2) Professor Marc J. Assael (Greece) - Secretary
3) Professor Harold Oye (Norway)
4) Professor Akira Nagashima (Japan)
5) Professor Yusuro Sato (Japan)
6) Professor Dr.-Ing. Stephan Will (Germany)
7) Dr.-Ing, Andreas Froeba (Germany)
8) Dr Kemal Tusat Yucel (Turkey)
9) Dr Cengiz Φzel (Turkey)
10) Mr Kostantinos Antoniadis (Greece)

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