2002 2nd: London
2nd IATP Meeting
London, 31 August - 1 September 2002

Program in .pdf format

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Prof. W.A. Wakeham, who welcomed all present and thanked Prof. J.P.M. Trusler and Dr V. Vesovic for the excellent arrangements as the local organisers of the meeting. The meeting was divided into the usual scientific session and a business session. The proceedings are recorded here in that order.


2.1. Thermophysical Properties of High Viscosity Fluids
F. Caetano, R.M.M. Castelhano, J.M.N.A. Fareleira, A. Fernandes, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal)

2.2. Cyclopentane High Pressure Viscosity Measurements
K.R. Harris, P.J. Newitt, L.A. Woolf (Australia)

2.3. Viscosity of Molten KNO3 as Standard Data of Molten Salts.
Y. Sato, A. Potapov, T. Yamamura (Japan)

2.4. Association and Viscosity of Acetic Acid Vapour
E. Vogel, E. Bich (Germany)

2.5. Thermophysical Properties of Binary Mixtures of R125+R143a from Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
in Comparison with Simple Prediction Method
A. Leipertz, A. Froeba (Germany)

2.6. Development of Laser Induced Capillary Wave Technique for Viscosity Measurement Using Pulsed CO2 Laser
Y. Nagasaka (Japan)

2.7. Micromachined Viscometers
A. Goodwin (UK)

2.8. Viscosity and Density of Molten Fe, Ni and Co
Y. Sato, T. Yamamura (Japan)

2.9. Thermophysical Properties of Several Lots of Pyroceram Produced over two Decades
D. E. Stroe, M. A. Thermitus (USA)

2.10. Measurement of Advanced Materials Using the Flash Method
L. Vozar, W. Hohenauer (Slovakia)

2.11. Application of the Transient Hot-wire Technique to the Accurate Measurement of the
Thermal Conductivity of Solids up to 590 K
M.J. Assael, K. Gialou (Greece)

Each presentation engendered discussion and a few points of special interest are noted here:
a) Prof. Fareleira presented some recent preliminary work on the measurement of the thermophysical properties of high viscosity fluids, an area of importance to IATP. The work on the proposition of cyclopentane as a new viscosity standard was also presented, while Prof. Sato demonstrated the large discrepancies that still exist in the reported values of the viscosity of melts and specifically of molten metals.
b) A very interesting discussion on low density viscosity measurements of acetic acid vapor over an extended density range, was presented by Prof. Vogel. Dr Froeba presented recent measurements under saturation conditions on binary mixtures of R125+R134a.
c) Prof. Nagasaka discussed a novel approach based on ripplon theory to measure the viscosity over a range of 0.1 to 10000 mPa s.
d) Dr Goodwin presented a micro viscometer composed of a wire on a 2x2 mm plate, 20 μm thick. The viscometer, to be employed in deep oil fields, was able to attain an uncertainty of about 15%.
e) Dr Stroe examined the time variation of the thermal conductivity, heat capacity, and thermal expansion of Pyroceram 9606, a thermal conductivity reference solid material. No variation was found.
f) Dr Vozar presented an interesting review on the measurement of advanced materials using the flash method, while Prof. Assael presented an application of the transient hot-wire technique to the accurate measurement of the thermal conductivity of solids.


3.1. IATP & developments

Prof. Wakeham informed the members about recent developments following the reorganisation of IUPAC. Among others the members of the former Commission on Thermodynamics decided to form the International Association on Chemical Thermodynamics (IACT), a legal body formed under Scottish Law. Members of IATP felt that no other formal structure was necessary for the continuation of the group activities. Prof. Wakeham and Prof. Vogel will represent IATP in IACT.

Publication resulting from work discussed in IATP, will be considered as a paper "under the guidance of IATP".

The following projects approved in the 2001 Possidi meeting between the members of IATP were reported to have finished:

1. Viscosity of Toluene at Atmospheric Pressure in Wide Ranges of Temperature.
F.J.V. Santos, C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal), J.H. Dymond (UK),
N. Dalaouti, M.J. Assael (Greece), A. Nagashima (Japan)
Although Prof. C.A. Nieto de Castro circulated a first draft to be considered
as a paper under "the guidance of IATP" in the Possidi Meeting, the final paper
is still pending (work started in 1996 and was approved in 1998).
2. Transport Properties of Methane + Ethane
S. Will, A. Leipertz, E. Vogel (Germany), V. Vesovic, W.A. Wakeham (UK)
Project stopped due to lack of measurements.
3. Thermal Conductivity of n-Butane
R. Perkins, J.V. Sengers (USA), C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal)
Project concluded and a paper is published under the guidance of IATP.
(Copy of paper in .pdf format available here)
4. Viscosity of Cyclopentane
N. Dalaouti, M.J. Assael (Greece), J.M.N.A. Fareleira (Portugal), H. Bauer (Germany),
K. Harris (Australia)
Project is concluded and a paper will be written under the guidance of IATP.
5. Thermal Conductivity of Iso-Butane
R. Perkins (USA), K. Marsh (New Zealand), C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal)
Project concluded and a paper is published under the guidance of IATP.
(Copy of paper in .pdf format available here)
6. Thermal Conductivity of Propane
R. Perkins (USA), K. Marsh (New Zealand), M.L.V. Ramires (Portugal)
Project concluded and a paper is published under the guidance of IATP.
(Copy of paper in .pdf format available here)

The following projects were discussed and it was agreed to continue them:
7. Viscosity of Alkali Chlorides
H. Oye (Norway), C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal)
8. Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water & Steam
M.J. Assael (Greece), J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA),
E. Vogel (Germany)
Prof. Assael informed IATP that he was appointed national representative of IAPWS.
Progress was made and funding from IAPWS was also approved.
9. Viscosity of n-Pentane
A. Laesecke (USA), E. Vogel, A. Leipertz (Germany)
10. Investigation of a New High-Viscosity Standard
J.M.N.A. Fareleira, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal), M.J. Assael (Greece),
A. Leipertz, H. Bauer (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan)
11. Feasibility Study for a Book on The Properties of Water, Air and Sea Water
A. Nagashima (Japan), M.J. Assael (Greece), J. Millat (Germany).
12. Correlation of the Thermal Conductivity of R134a.
R. Perkins, A. Laesecke, J.V. Sengers (USA)
13. Feasibility Study on Properties of Ionic Fluids
A. Heintz (Germany), K. Marsh (New Zealand), Padua (France), Fareleira (Portugal)

The following project was discussed and it was agreed to start:
14. Viscosity and density of molten Fe and Al
M.J. Assael (Greece), W.A. Wakeham, J. Redgrove (U.K.), A. Nagashima, Y. Sato (Japan),
M. Banish, A. Overfelt (U.S.A.), I. Egry (Germany)
Prof. Assael will coordinate the group aiming to submit a proposal to IUPAC
concerning the critical review of all data.

Prof. Y. Sato (Japan), Dr P. Gaal, Dr D. Stroe (U.S.A.), Dr L. Vozar (Slovakia) and Dr A. Froeba (Germany) are new Members of IATP.

The following dates and places of the IATP meetings were decided

5.2. IATP Meeting in 2003
The 2003 meeting of IATP will take place in Boulder (USA) on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of June 2003 prior to the 15th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties.

5.3. IATP Meeting in 2004
The 2004 meeting of IATP will possibly take place in Lisbon (Portugal).
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