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  •   Marc J. Assael
    Professor Emeritus in Thermophysical Properties
    FIChemE, FITCc, CEng, PhD, MSc, DIC
    - Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Thermophysics (Springer Nature)
    - Director of Laboratory of Thermophysical Properties & Environmental Processes (LTPEP)
    - Secretary of the International Association for Transport Properties (IATP)
    - Secretary of the International Organizing Committee (IOC)
       of the European Thermophysical Properties Conferences (ETPC)
  Marc Assael received his PhD from Imperial College London, UK. He was consequently elected Lecturer in Heat Transfer in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he founded the Laboratory of Thermophysical Properties & Environmental Processes. In  1991 he was elected Associate Professor, and in 2001 Professor of Thermophysical Properties at the same Faculty. During the years 1991-1995, 1997-1999, 2009-2011 he served as the Vice-Chairman of the Faculty, and during 1995-1997 as the Chairman of the Faculty. In 1998, Marc Assael was TEPCO Chair Visiting Professor in Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, while during the years 2007-2012 he also held the position of Adjunct Professor in Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China.

He has published more than 200 papers in international journals, 180 papers in conference proceedings, 29 chapters in books and 9 books. In 1996, his book Thermophysical Properties of Fluids: An Introduction to their Prediction (coauthored by J.P.M. Martin & Th.F. Tsolakis) was published by Imperial College Press (a greek edition is published by A. Tziola E.), while in 2010, his book, Fires, Explosions and Toxic Gas Dispersions: Effects Calculation and Risk Analysis (coauthored by K. Kakosimos), was published by CRC Press. In 2011, Commonly Asked Questions in Thermodynamics (coauthored by S. Will, A. Goodwin, M. Stamatoudis and W.A. Wakeham) was published by CRC, whle in 2014 he coedited with A. Goodwin, V. Veovic and W.A. Wakeham the Experimental Thermodynamics Volume IX: Advances in Transport Properties of Fluids, published by RSC Press.  

He is acting as a referree for more than 70 journals in the area of thermophysical properties, while he is also
Editor-in-Chief of 
International Journal of Thermophysics (Springer Naturre)
Associate Editor of 
IChemE Transactions Part D: Education for Chemical Engineers (IChemE, UK) 
and a member of the Editorial board of 
High Temperatures High Pressures (Old City Publishing, USA) 
International Review of Chemical Engineering - Rapid Communications (Praise Worthy Prize, IT) 
  Marc Assael is a national delegate in many committees in the European Union, in the European Federation of Chemical Engineering as well as in many international scientific organisations.

He is married to Dora Kyriafini and has a son called Yannis.

A full current CV with publication lists can be found here


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