2004 4th: Pau
4th IATP Meeting
Pau. 2-3 July 2004

Program in .pdf format

The meeting was opened by the Secretary, Prof. M.J. Assael, who welcomed all present and thanked Prof. Chr. Boned and Dr A. Baylaucq for the excellent arrangements as the local organisers of the meeting. The meeting was divided into the usual scientific session and a business session. The proceedings are recorded here in that order.


2.1. Temperature and Volume Dependence of the Viscosity of Water and Heavy Water at Low Temperatures.
K.R. Harris (Australia)

2.2. Measurements on Gaseous Sulfur Hexafluoride with a Vibrating-wire Viscometer.
E. Vogel (Germany)

2.3. Viscosity Measurements of Several Fluids Using a Rolling-Ball Viscometer up to 60 MPa.
A.S. Pensado, M.J.P. Comuρas, L. Lugo, J. Fernαndez (Spain)

2.4. Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Petroleum Fractions.
H. G. Yucel (Turkey)

2.5. Viscosity and Thermal Diffusivity of 4-Component Refrigerant.
A. Froeba, A. Leipertz (Germany)

2.6. Recent Developments on the Measurements of High-Viscosity Fluids.
J.M.N.A. Fareleira, F.J.P. Caetano, C. Oliveira (Portugal)

2.7. Rheological Properties of Fresh Mortar and Concrete with Mineral and Chemical Admixtures.
K. T. Yucel (Turkey)

2.8. Relationship between Microstructure of Molecules and their Thermophysical Properties.
A. Allal, D. Bessieres, C. Boned (France)

2.9. Viscosity of Simple Fluids by NonEquilibrium Molecular Dynamics.
G. Galliero, C. Boned, J. P. Caltagirone, A. Baylaucq , F. Montel (France)

2.10. Viscosity and Density of 26 Molten Metals.
M. Tsilinikou, L. Ollandezou, M. Assael (Hellas)

2.11. Estimation of the Viscosity of Molten Chromium from the Results of Binary Alloys.
Y. Sato (Japan)

2.12. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Molten Alkali Halides
N. Galamba, J.E. Ely, C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal)

Each presentation engendered discussion and a few points of special interest are noted here:
a) Prof. K. Harris presented new high-pressure measurements of the viscosity of water and heavy water. The measurements will be included in the water and heavy water viscosity database kept by Prof. M.J. Assael. The low pressure viscosity measurements performed by Prof. E. Vogel allowed the thorough investigation of the presence of a logarithmic term in the density expansion of the viscosity. However, no conclusive evidence was supported.
b) Prof. J. Fernandez presented new viscosity measurements of lubricant oils performed with a commercial rolling-ball viscometer, while Dr H. Yucel presented a corresponding-states scheme with hard-sphere elements able to predict the thermal conductivity and viscosity of petroleum fractions. Dr A. Froaeba discussed ways to predict transport properties of four-component refrigerant mixtures.
c) Prof. J.M.N.A. Fareleira described a new vibrating-wire viscometer built for higher viscosity liquids. The range of validation was from 0.5 to 135 mPa.s (hoping to extend it to 260 mPa.s) with an uncertainty of 0.6%..
d) The rheological and hydrodynamic behaviour of fresh mortar and concrete, in the presence of mineral and chemical admixtures to facilitate pumping, was discussed by Dr K. Yucel. Mr A. Allal presented a representation of the viscosity and density over the vapor and liquid stares, based on a hard-core volume equation of state with five adjustable parameters. Mr G. Galliero discussed a simple approach for small non polar molecules, based on a L-J correlation, to predict the viscosity of mixtures.
e) Prof. M.J. Assael presented a survey of viscosity and density measurements for 36 molten metals (137 viscosity and 110 density datasets) going back to 1940. Prof. Y. Sato showed a way of estimating the viscosity of molten Chromium (melting point 2130 K) from its binary alloys. Finally Prof. C.A. Nieto de Castro presented progress on molecular dynamic simulations of the viscosity and thermal conductivity of molten alkali halides.


The following projects were discussed:

1. Viscosity of Cyclopentane
N. Dalaouti, M.J. Assael (Hellas), H. Bauer (Germany), K. Harris (Australia)
It was published in Int. J. Thermophys. 25:13-20 (2004)
2. Viscosity of Toluene at Atmospheric Pressure in Wide Ranges of Temperature.
F.J.V. Santos, C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal), J.H. Dymond (UK), N. Dalaouti, M.J. Assael (Hellas), A. Nagashima (Japan)
Project was concluded, and internally refereed. Hence, it will be submitted “under the guidance of IATP”.
3. Viscosity of Alkali Chlorides
H. Oye (Norway), C.A. Nieto de Castro (Portugal)
Project will stop due to lack of new data.
4. Viscosity of n-Pentane
A. Leipertz, a. Froeba (Germany), A. Laesecke (USA), E. Vogel (Germany), M.J. Assael (Hellas)
Project will stop owing to the lack of reliable data as demonstrated by A. Froeba,
5. Correlation of the Thermal Conductivity of R134a.
R. Perkins, A. Laesecke, J.V. Sengers (USA)
Project will stop owing to absence of progress.

The following projects were discussed and it was agreed to continue them:
6. Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water & Steam
M.J. Assael (Hellas), E.Vogel, J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA)
The project continues. Mrs I. Metaxa has already concluded the zero-density viscosity correlation. This new correlation performed with the aid of Prof. E. Vogel, employed 12 sets of measurements (Alexandrov’s correlation employed only 8) as well as the new low-density viscosity measurements of Prof. E. Vogel. It is still hoped that a new correlation for the viscosity of water will be presented in the IAPWS Meeting in Kyoto in 2004. Prof. K. Harris will assist by providing his new high-pressure measurements.
7. Investigation of a New High-Viscosity Standard
J.M.N.A. Fareleira, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal)), A. Leipertz, H. Bauer (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan)
Diisododecylphthalate is under investigation. Measurements of its viscosity were performed in three laboratories (Prof. A. Leipertz’s, Prof. J. Fareleira’s and Dr H. Bauer’s). Results agree within their respective uncertainty limits. It was agreed to be continued aiming to reach conclusion within a year.
8. On the Book on the Properties of Water, Air and Sea Water
A. Nagashima (Japan), M.J. Assael (Hellas), J. Millat (Germany).
Project continues for one more year.
9. Feasibility Study on the Properties of Ionic Fluids
K. Marsh (New Zealand), A. Padua (France), J.M.N.A. Fareleira (Portugal).
Project continues. M.J. Assael to contact K.N.Marsh about parallel efforts in IACT
10. Viscosity of D2O.
M.J. Assael (Hellas), J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA)
Project continues as joint venture between IATP and IAPWS.

The following project was discussed and it was agreed to start:
11. Recommended values of the Viscosity of Molten Iron and Aluminum
M.J. Assael, (Hellas), W.A. Wakeham, J. Redgrove, P. Quested, K. Mills (UK), I. Egry (Germany),
A. Nagashima , Y. Sato (Japan), M. Banish, T. Overfelt (USA)
Project continues. Next group meeting is on October 11, at NPL.

The following project was discussed and it was agreed to start:
12. Preliminary investigatiom for recommended values for Viscosity and Density of Molten Metals
M.J. Assael (Hellas), Y. Sato (Japan)
A preliminary investigation, following the presentation of Prof. M.J. Assael will be carried out. Other group members interested to take part, should contact Prof. M.J. Assael.

The group re-examined the decision of the last meeting in Boulder with respect to Membership. It was agreed that the term “Corresponding Members”, that dated from the IUPAC designation was inappropriate to the new organisation. On the other hand it was accepted that it was appropriate to designate two types of members. Those who were senior members who were responsible for the organisation, continuity and longevity of the organisation, and those that were members by virtue of regular attendance.

Accordingly, it was agreed that those formerly designated members would be henceforth termed “Executive Members” and the number would be limited. The term members would be applied to all others.

On this basis the following scientists, Prof. Chr. Boned, Dr A. Baylaucq (France), Prof. Y. Fernandez (Spain), Dr K.T. Yucel and Dr H.G. Yucel (Turkey), were invited to become members and their membership approved.

The following dates and places of the IATP meetings were decided

5.1. IATP Meeting in 2005
The 2005 IATP Meeting will take place just prior to the European Thermophysical Properties Conference in Bratislave, Slovakia. Local organizer will be Prof. L. Vozar.

5.2. IATP Meeting in 2006
The 2006 IATP Meeting will take place just prior to the 7th. Thermophysical Properties Symposium in Boulder, Colorado.

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