PhDs Published

- Prof. Marc J. Assael, 1980, Accurate Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of Gases - Available in English

- Dr Eleni Charitidou, 1990, Thermal Conductivity of Liquids. 

- Prof Maria Papadaki, 1991, Viscosity of Liquids.

- Dr Sofia Polimatidou, 1997, Viscosity of Electrically-Conducting Fluids.

- Dr Lefteris Karagiannidis, 1999, Thermal Conductivity of Electrically Conducting Fluids.

- Dr Natasa Dalaouti, 2001, Standard Fluids Transport Properties.

- Dr Katerina Gialou, 2004, Thermal Conductivity of Solids - Available in Greek

- Dr Ifigenia Metaxa, 2006, Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids - Available in Greek

- Prof Kostantinos Kakosimos, 2009, Modelling Spreading of Chemicals in Urban Areas - Available in Greek

- Dr Kostantinos Antoniadis, 2011, Thermal Conductivity of Composite Solids - Available in English

- Dr Sofia Mylona, 2014, Measurement of the Viscosity of High-Viscosity Liquids - Available in English

- Dr Georgia Tertsinidou, 2018, Environmental Amelioration Through Enhanced Heat Transfered with Nanofluids - Available in English

- Dr Arsenios Chatzimichailidos, 2020, Study and Modelling of Flow Phenomena in Urban Street Canyons - Available in English Soon


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