Sustainable architecture

   Building modelling  

The term "sustainable architecture" refers to designing and creating buildings that respect the person and the climate of the area. They are buildings that taking into full advantage of the specific environment, are characterised by low energy consumption while at the same time are very pleasant to be in.

A recent cooperation with bioclimatic-architect Ms Theodora Kyriafini has enabled the expansion of TPL's activities in the modelling of buildings, aiming to the simulation of predicting and optimising ventilation and heating conditions.

The excellent work of Maria Farmaki has demonstrated that software like RADTherm can be a very powerful tool in designing houses according to bioclimatic principles.

   Room modelling  

A new area of interest concerns the optimum design of rooms in buildings and buildings themselves. In this case the 'optimum desing' refers to energy saving by regulating the materials employed in the construction as well as the proper ventillation of the room.

Work is concentrated in the 3D modeling of space by employing packages that solve the Naviers-Stokes equations for the transfer of mass and energy.

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