2006 6th: Boulder
6th IATP Meeting
Boulder 29 July 2006

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The Chairman, Prof. W.A. Wakeham, welcomed all present, thanked Dr R. Perkins for the arrangements made as the local organiser of the meeting and then opened the meeting. The Chairman thanked everybody for attending the 6th IATP meeting and also mentioned that the first similar sort of meeting took place 25 years ago in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Apologies were presented on behalf of the secretary, Prof. Marc Assael who could not be present on this occasion.
The meeting was divided into the usual scientific session and a business session. The proceedings are recorded here in that order. Prof. Wakeham suggested that everybody introduced themselves since there were some new faces. A list of attendees is at the end.


2.1. Viscosity of S20 and DIDP
A.R.H.Goodwin (USA), K.N. Marsh, M. Kandil (New Zealand), K. Harris (Australia)
Viscosity and density measurements were presented as a function of temperature, from room temperature up to about 420K, and pressures up to 75 MPa. The uncertainties aimed at with the present work are of the order of ?1% for densities less than 1100 kgm-3 and within ?10% for viscosities of the order of 100 mPa.s. Taking into consideration the project on the Investigation of a New High-Viscosity Standard - DIDP, and in spite of the fact that the main purpose of the work is to meet an industrial need, the authors agreed to perform some measurements on DIDP samples of different sources with the same nominal purity as well as study the effect of water on the density and viscosity of DIDP.

2.2. Viscosity of Cyclopentane between 273 and 353 K and Pressures up to 45MPa.
K.N. Marsh, M. Kandil (New Zealand), A.R.H.Goodwin, K. Kurihara (USA)
Viscosity measurements have been performed with a vibrating wire viscometer over an extended range of temperature and pressure. Evidence has been adduced that the previously proposed correlations (Assael and Harris) can be applied over extended ranges of T and P.

2.3. Viscosity of Ionic Liquids by Surface Light Scattering (SLS).
A.P. Froeba, H. Kremer, C. Botero and A. Leipertz (Germany)
A successful application of the experimental technique, SLS, to the measurements of viscosity and surface tension of pure ionic liquids and their mixtures was shown. Several issues were raised related to both the need of having the composition known and constant as well as the question of whether the viscosity measured is indeed the viscosity of the bulk liquid as opposed to the surface viscosity. Also it was suggested that the viscosity measurements should be checked by an independent method to be sure it is the property of the bulk fluid that has been measured.

2.4. Transport Properties Research Activities at Jiaotong University in Xi’an
J. T. Wu (China)
A brief description of the work that is taking place at the Centre of Thermal and Fluid Science was presented. The work, mainly financially supported by the government, is concerned with the investigation of new fluids - green fuels - that can be used in car engines and that are environmentally friendly. Several experimental set-ups for the measurements of thermophysical properties were shown.

2.5. Prediction of Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Humid Air in large Temperature and Density Ranges
E. Vogel, V. Teske (Germany)
The need for experimental measurements - viscosity and thermal conductivity - on humid air was emphasized.

2.6. Computer Simulations of Transport Properties of a Binary Liquid Mixture near the Critical Point
J. V. Sengers, S.K. Das, M.E. Fisher, J. Horbach, K. Binder (USA)
Prof. J. Sengers has shown that in spite of the difficulties in the simulation processes for transport properties near the critical point such calculations can be performed. The current set of simulations had been performed to resolve a difference between two reports of divergences in the literature and successfully supported the behaviour previously reported by Prof. J. Sengers.

2.7. High Pressure-High Temperature Electrical conductivity
G. Watson, A. Baylaucq, Chr. Bonet (France)
A description of a technique to measure electrical conductivity of fluid systems for use in the oil industry was presented.

2.8. Further Developments of a Vibrating- Wire Instrument for Moderately High-Viscosity Measurements
F.J.P. Caetano, J.L. Correia da Mata, J.M.N.A. Fareleira, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal)
Preliminary results on viscosity measurements of DIDP performed by the free decay method were shown. These results agree, within the mutual uncertainty, with the ones obtained with the forced mode of operation and thus there is strong evidence that it will be possible to perform fast viscosity measurements in fluids of moderately high viscosity, which are of great interest to industry. Further improvements of the technique will be carried out.

The following presentations
- On the Steady-State Hot-Strip Technique, U. Hammerschmidt, V. Meier, R. Model (Germany)
- Thermal Diffusivity of Cement Paste, M. Banish, A. Hernandez (U.S.A.)
- Thermal Diffusivity of Liquid Metals, M. Banish, Y.Y. Khine (U.S.A.)
did not take place.


3.1. Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water & Steam
M.J. Assael (Greece), E. Vogel, J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA)
Dr. R. Perkins informed IATP that the first round of evaluation tests of the new correlation has been completed. A new version of the viscosity correlation has been submitted to IAPWS and it is Dr. Perkins’s belief that it will be adopted by next year. It is expected that a similar sort of work will take place for the thermal conductivity. The project will continue and progress report will be presented next year.

3.2. Investigation of a New High-Viscosity Standard
J.M.N.A. Fareleira, C.M.B.P. Oliveira (Portugal), M.J. Assael (Greece), A. Leipertz, H. Bauer (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan)
Prof. Fareleira presented a review on the work that has been done in the last year. Viscosity and density measurements were performed by different laboratories and methods and on different samples from several suppliers: Prof. Harris (Australia), Dr. Bauer (PTB), Prof. Trusler (London), Dr. Froeba (Germany) and Prof. Fareleira (Portugal). Based on the results obtained a set of reference values for viscosity, density and surface tension were to be presented at the 16th Symposium.
Considering the presentation given by Dr. Goodwin on the viscosity measurements of DIDP, the results shown and the fact that it is expected that a more complete study on the effects of water on the viscosity and density of DIDP will be completed (by the same laboratory) within a couple of months, the committee decided that the final proposition for standard reference values will be put forward by December 2006, in order to include these latest studies. A final paper will be prepared for approval by IATP after that date.

3.3. On the Book on The Properties of Water, Air and Sea Water
A. Nagashima (Japan), M.J. Assael (Greece), J. Millat (Germany).
No progress report was presented, as none of the promoters were present.

3.4. Feasibility study on Properties of Ionic Fluids
K. Marsh (New Zealand), A. Padua (France), J. Fareleira (Portugal)
Prof. Marsh reported on the progress made. Most of the work on viscosity has been performed and the collection of data will be completed soon. Dr. R. Perkins informed that thermal conductivity measurements on some ionic liquids will start soon. The committee was also informed that some thermal conductivity measurements on ionic liquids will be performed in Portugal by Prof. Nieto de Castro’s group. Progress report will be presented next year.

3.5. Viscosity of D2O
M.J. Assael (Greece), J. Millat (Germany), A. Nagashima (Japan), D. Friend, J.V. Sengers (USA)
Prof. Sengers informed the group that no work has been done and it is his believe that no work will be performed within the next year. Also some of the proposed work relies on a new EOS for D2O that had not yet been completed. It was the committee’s decision that for the time being this project will be ended and if later on there is a renewed interest than it can be reactivated.

3.6. Preliminary Investigation for Recommended values for Viscosity and Density of Molten Metals.
M.J. Assael (Greece), Y.Sato (Japan)
Although not much progress has been made the project will continue because of the interest that has been demonstrated, especially on Cu and Zn.

3.7. Diffusion coefficients on Liquid Systems
J. Winkelmann (Germany)
This project concerns the publication of three volumes on diffusion coefficients of:
Vol. 1 - Gases in Fluid and Fluid Mixtures
Vol. 2 - Liquid in liquid mixtures
Vol. 3 - Electrolyte systems
Volume 1, will soon be published and will have an Introduction, a brief description of the measuring methods and experimental data of diffusion coefficients in pure gases, in gaseous mixtures, of gas/vapour in gas or liquid and of gas in solutions/mixtures. Volume 2, should be published in about 2 years, while Volume 3 is in the process of collecting experimental data. Because some of the members of this Association have worked on Diffusion it would be very much appreciated if the published data on Electrolyte Systems could be sent to Prof. Dr. Jochen Winkelmann.

No changes.


5.1. IATP Meeting in 2007
The 2007 meeting of IATP will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) on Saturday 30th of June. Local host will be Prof. Kemal T. Yucel. Further information will be circulated in due course.


List of People that attended the meeting
1) Professor William A. Wakeham, (UK) - Chairman
2) Professor Jan V. Sengers (USA)
3) Dr Antoine Baylaucq (France)
4) Professor J.M.N.A. Fareleira (Portugal)
5) Dr.-Ing, Andreas Froeba (Germany)
6) Dr Antony Goodwin (USA)
7) Dr Arno Laesecke (USA)
8) Dr Kenneth N. Marsh (New Zealand)
9) Professor Carla Oliveira (Portugal)
10) Dr Rich A. Perkins (USA)
11) Professor Yusuro Sato (Japan)
12) Professor J.P.Martin Trusler (UK)
13) Professor Dr Eckhard Vogel (Germany)
14) Professor Libor Vozar (Slovakia)
15) Prof. Dr. Jochen Winkelmann (Germany)
16) Dr. Marsha Huber (USA)
17) Prof. Fernando Caetano (Portugal)
18) Prof. Scott Bair (USA)
19) Prof. Dan Friend (USA)
20) Dr. Bernd Rathke (Germany)
21) Prof. A. Heintz (Germany)
22) Dr. D. Seibt (Germany)

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