• Cooperation with the following Institutions is greatfully acknowledged:
    - Imperial College, UK
    - Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
    - National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA 
    - Glasgow University, UK
    - Lisbon University, Portugal
    - Amsterdam Univerisity, Holland
    - Nitra University, Slovakia
    - Rostock University, Germany
    - Keio University, Japan
    - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany

  • The excellent work of the scientists that worked in the Laboratory is also greatfully acknowledged:
    - Dr Eleni Charitidou (1990 - Thermal Conductivity of Liquids).
                                       Present position: National Chemical Laboratories
    - Prof Maria Papadaki (1991 - Viscosity of Liquids).
                                       Present position: Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Processes,
                                       Environmental and Natural Resources Management Dept., Univ. of Ioannina
    - Dr Sofia Polimatidou (1997 - Viscosity of Electrically-Conducting Fluids).
                                       Present position: National Chemical Laboratories
    - Dr Lefteris Karagiannidis (1999 - Thermal Conductivity of Electrically Conducting Fluids).
                                       Present position: SIGMA Consultants.
    - Dr Natasa Dalaouti (2001 - Standard Fluids Transport Properties).
                                       Present position: Public Power Corporation
    - Dr Katerina Gialou (2004 - Thermal Conductivity of Solids).
                                       Present Position: Winde distillery
    - Dr Ifigenia Metaxa (2006 - Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids).
                                      Present Position: PostDoc LTPEP 
    - Prof Kostantinos Kakosimos (2009 - Modelling Spreading of Chemicals in Urban Areas).
                                       Present Position: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department
                                       Texas A&M University, Doha, Qatar 
    - Dr Kostantinos Antoniadis (2011 - Thermal Conductivity of Composite Solids).
                                       Present Position: Director, Imperial & Berkley, Thessaloniki
    - Dr Sofia Mylona (2014 - Measurement of the Viscosity of High-Viscosity Liquids).
                                       Present Position: Sales Director, ThermoTest, Canada
    - Dr Arsenis Chatzimihaelidis (2015 - Flow Phenomena in Urban Street Canyons).
                                       Present Position: SIMTEC Software and Services SA, Thessalonki)
    - Ms Danai Vellidou (started 2020 - High-temperature Thermal Conductivity of Solids).

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